Mankind has always thought animals were incapable of reasoning, but it could not be more wrong: they are actually organized in a hidden civilized society that is quickly catching up. If humans were to find out they are not the most advanced species on Earth, everything would collapse… That’s why they created an agency to maintain the status quo and protect their secret at any cost:

The S.W.A.P. (Secret Weapon for Animal Privacy)

The Secret Weapon for Animal Privacy is in charge of Human control: they make sure Humans won’t interfere with Animal business, that they remain unsuspecting and think they are still running things. Any time the Animal secret is jeopardized, a S.W.A.P. agent is assigned to infiltrate humans and save the day.

You are Otto Van Otter, a top S.W.A.P. agent specialized in human infiltration. Your mission, should you decide to accept it, will be to achieve our goals without blowing your cover.
To do so, you will rely on your Swapmote™, a weapon capable of modifying human behavior.


Platform: PC – Steam
Genre: experimentation, puzzle
Target: people loving experimentation and quirky universes
Universe : 90’s cartoons


Game features:

  • Alter human’s behavior by placing items into their heads.
  • Live a unique experience by solving situations in various ways.
  • Play as an animal infiltrating human society!
  • Create your own levels and share them with your friends.